Why make it simple when you can make it complicated?
1-Because simplicity makes you want to engage. It is motivating.
2-Because simplicity allows us to see clearly, to have an organized mind.
3-Because simplicity coexists with humility and allows the welcoming of the other, of life.
4-Because simplicity maintains the space necessary for the emergence of curiosity and the creativity necessary for a rich life.
5-Because simplicity shows confidence. It enables connection.

So why do we choose to make it complicated?
1- To avoid doing what you have to do.
The more complex it is, the more you have to think before you act. A very good way to avoid getting into action!
2- To occupy ourselves so as not to act on what harms us. When you are busy with something complex, there is no time left for anything else. Often, this “remainder” is what should be observed.
3- To impress, to distinguish ourselves, to feel that our value is superior. Complexity is often associated with refinement, we feel an added value to what is complex.
4- To fill a void. Humans abhor a vacuum. The more complicated it is, the more space it takes up.
5- To get attention. The complicated gives something to talk about. He attracts attention and pity.

Want simplicity? I am here to accompany you.