Redéfinir ses priorités d'un bonheur simple

The big things and the little things
Or the art of reprioritizing
Before leaving for school, my daughter announces to me while looking at her emails that she is has been accepted at the university she was aiming for! What a great accomplishment! Then quickly, without even taking the time to absorb the good news, she runs to the door so as not to miss her bus.
Then I thought to myself. How many extraordinary moments do we let pass to run towards something else? How many small big things (small in priority and big in quality) go unnoticed because we pay attention to big small things (big in priority and small in quality)?
A smile you don’t see while busy answering an email. A conversation missed for a TV show. A hug made in a hurry for a task to be done, a moment of pride, love, complicity, and affection to hurry to move on to something else.
Life is full of little things BIG for those who see it!!!
Those who see it get to taste the magic of life!! The others find life bland and tasteless!!

To rebalance the flavors of your life and get you to savor them, I am here