To get back to yourself, to get to know yourself, to make good choices
“I feel lost”
“I no longer know”
“I wonder”

To develop healthy and harmonious relationships with family, children, spouse, colleagues, friends
“My relationships are complicated”
“I want to be myself in a relationship”
“I attract the wrong people”
“I don’t know what to do to make things better”

To assert your needs and limits, to express yourself fully and clearly
“I’m doing too much”
“I don’t accept help”
“I find it hard to say no”
“I shut up or I go crazy”
“I feel misunderstood”
“I don’t really say what I think”

To calm the mind, have clear ideas
“I am over-analyzing all the time”
“I can’t see clearly”
“I’m stressed out”
“I think so much that I can’t act”

To develop internal strengths (confidence, calmness, forgiveness, determination, lightness, acceptance, joy, understanding, openness, presence …)
“I lack confidence”
“I want to be happy”
“I would like to be calm”
“I want to be able to move on”

To transform your limits (worries, doubts, fears, regrets, thoughts)
“I’m afraid for my future”
“I haven’t got over this situation”
“I’ll never be able”
“That’s not possible”
“If I could do things over again”
“I’m afraid of hurting others ”
” I’m afraid of what others think “

Emanuelle Lang
Certified Coach


To be efficient, optimal and take action
“I procrastinate, I put it off”
“I go around in circles”
“I stagnate”

To be fulfilled, happy and deployed
I feel limited at work”
“I want to be motivated”
“I only think about vacation and retirement”
“I don’t feel appreciated, recognized”

To express yourself clearly and set clear limits, boundaries
I feel like I’m under pressure”
“I feel like I can never do enough”
“I say yes too often”
“I don’t say what I think”

To develop meaningful relationships with colleagues, clients, partners
“I feel excluded from the team”
“I want to be on good terms and transparent”
“I want to approach clients, partners with confidence”

To get rid of limiting thoughts that reduce potential
I don’t see how that would be possible”
“I have no choice”
“I have tried everything”
“It’s not for me”

Emanuelle Lang
Certified Coach