For those who are looking for themselves, who don’t really know or do not know at all which career to pursue, what their mission is…

By the way…it can happen at 17 or at 50…and several times in the same life!!

Here is some food for thought to orient yourself outside of “Doing a well-paying job that will make those around you proud”

Nothing against money and recognition…

Money and recognition will also come with what calls you if you plan your things well and put yourself into action!!

-Because you will need to have fun:

》 What are you passionate about? What childhood passions have you lost over time?

》What activities would you do just for fun?

》 What makes you feel alive?

-Because you will spend a lot of time doing it:

》What do you really like to do?

》What is easy for you?

》What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

》What do you do without seeing the time pass?

-Because it might scare you:

》What are you scared of and don’t dare to do?

》What are your good bad excuses for not starting to do something?

-Because the world needs you:

》What global issues are you concerned about?

》What does this world need?

》How can you make a difference, and provide solutions?

-Because you will have to value what you do:

》What is most important to you?

》What values ​​should guide your actions?

-Because you will have to make certain sacrifices:

》What are you willing to tolerate to get what you want? Salary, distance, schedule, workload, studies…


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